Corrodible Hooks


Corrodible hooks are fishing hooks made from a material that will dissolve over time, minimising the post-release mortality rate of seabirds, marine mammals and elasmobranchs from whom a hook cannot be removed. They are typically made from different alloys that do not contain stainless steel, and dissolve in a matter of days, weeks, or months. 


Corrodible hooks are cheaper than standard hooks but would have to be replaced more often, so the economics of such a change need further examination. Further research is needed to understand the mortality rate of species following their release. A study of 55 tiger sharks off Tahiti found that, from the time that each shark was observed with a hook, all corrodible hooks were shed within 2.5 years. The 8-year study found that stainless steel hooks were retained for significantly longer on average (685 days for stainless steel, as opposed to 227 days for corrodible), and potentially being retained for the lifetime of the shark for stainless-steel hooks. The hooks should be used in tandem with techniques for safe handling of bycaught species.

This page was last updated on 20.12.22.

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