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With many approaches to bycatch mitigation, each tailored to specific gear types and wildlife species, the world of bycatch mitigation can be difficult to navigate. To address this, the Clean Catch Bycatch Mitigation Hub has been built to host information about bycatch mitigation for marine mammals, seabirds, sharks, skates and rays in one place, searchable by gear type, species and mitigation type. The Hub acts as a common reference point for stakeholders working or interested in sensitive species bycatch mitigation, serving as a record of mitigation measures trialled in different fisheries around the world, and whether they have been successful or not. 

The purpose of the Hub is to provide a starting point for further investigation. The summaries of each mitigation measure are impartial and do not represent the views of the Clean Catch Team or Programme. Data has been gathered from external research papers across various journals, international organisations such as ACAP, NGO infographics, and open-source websites such as BMIS and the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction

Importantly, some strategies are widely used and proven to be effective, whilst others are in the early stages of development. Some bycatch mitigation techniques listed are currently being trialled by our Local Focus Group.

The Hub will be continually updated as new approaches to bycatch mitigation are developed, and we welcome comments from all users. Please email if you would like to take part in a study or submit new research.


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