Local Focus Group

Our Local Focus Group is based in Cornwall and is the grassroots, action-oriented end of Clean Catch UK. The group works directly with the fishing industry to shape and put into practice new, local monitoring and mitigation measures, to reduce wildlife bycatch in Cornish fisheries.



With a crucial foothold in fishing communities, the Local Focus Group engages fishermen with the issue of wildlife bycatch, and provides insights to the Regional Working Group around what is practically possible in terms of bycatch monitoring and mitigation

Research within the Local Focus Group is already underway, and the Group meets regularly on an ad-hoc basis to discuss progress. Together, these fishermen, regulators, scientists and local conservation groups are driving industry-dependent research into bycatch reduction.


The Local Focus Group is made up of regulators, scientists, local conservation groups and fishermen from Cornwall.

We will introduce you to our members very soon!

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference have been written and agreed to clearly define the role of the Local Focus Group and will be shared in due course.


Reports from the Local Focus Group will be publicly available.